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Classico and barocco style

The style that has never been set, able to compete with the topics of luxury, refinement and insensitivity to the odd, against the most eye-catching design elements of modern or avant-garde design.



Real materials such as wood, marble, crystal and brass give life to a new collection that gathers the details of luxury and design in step with the times.


Atelièr: coordinated bathroom

 ATELIÈR completes all the furniture and offers high class coordination, quality and technical innovations with its 11 taps collections – accessories – lighting – radiators. This is the first step towards the luxurious co-ord MADE IN ITALY. All the products are designed and produced by Il Tempo del…


Tap and fittings

 11 collections in 8 different finishes ALL COORDINATED with our bathroom furniture. In the ATELIÈR catalogue, taps’ shapes and colours are coordinated with all our products.


Radiators and more...

the technical innovation that ensures a 40Bar pressure seal and the complete absence of welds that eliminates blemishes by enhancing the elegant lines of our radiators and towel heaters. NEWS: combined radiator that works both with water and with electrical resistance.



in coordination with TAPS and BRASS ACCESSORIES, Il tempo del…offers a wide range of lighting products for your bathroom and not only.


Dress your bathroom


We make exclusive bathroom furniture, classic and contemporary faucets, lighting, radiators, bathroom accessories, plates for coating, sanitary wares. Classics ... forever, the style that never fades, luxurious, capable to compete with lux, and insensitivity to the odd, against the most eye-catching design elements of modern or avant-garde design... Classical genre is versatile and can be approached in different styles, it suits the needs of those who love the traditions or those who have modern and dynamic tastes. Il Tempo del ... With a traditional experience and professionalism, continues to invest into research and development, confirming how cultural and craftsmanship blends in with a well-informed awareness of contemporary trends and needs, without ever neglecting the quality of ... made in Italy.