IL TEMPO DEL… born in 1988 in the province of Milan, lately has been purchased by another corporate company and moved to the Emilia region where art, music, fashion, cuisine and entrepreneurial geniuses have contributed to writing the fantastic story of this territory. In this context, are born our inspirations with the main goal of creating furniture and accessories of indisputable elegance for a complete and coordinated bathroom, in a unique style inspired by the true Italian tradition that is distinguished by the use of precious and high-quality materials.


The richness of the various declinations and the endless possibilities of personalization are the leitmotif of the collections made by IL TEMPO DEL ..., clear shapes, unique creations, precise geometry are the embodiment of elegance and good taste are every project’s signature of every project we make and help us create the most beautiful bathrooms in the world.


Echoes of classics, re-interpretation of the Deco style and new modern lines simply-shaped, but enriched with valuable materials, a large selection of furniture, taps, accessories, radiators, lighting, etc... etc..., offered by IL TEMPO DEL ... offers to furnish with elegance, charm and style a unique project of a great beauty.


Our artisans are the true masters of the true Italian tradition, they create and give shape to all our products, inside their laboratories combining art and experience they create objects destined to remain eternal over time. The meticulous care of details and the most scrupulous manufacturing are the elements that give the absolute quality of our entire production.