The passion and art of our artisans combine more than thirty years of research, traditions and values. Il Tempo del ... was born as an artisan company that produced the furniture in a simple “poor art” style finding a natural evolution towards Classic furniture, the finest finishes and elegant shapes. First on the market to introduce the true Capitonné as a decorative element of the bathroom furniture. MY LUXURY, TRENDY DELUXE and CLASSICI catalogues revive the shapes and colours of a historical period that has elevated ITALY to its cultural splendour. Hand applied friezes, inlays, anticato and patinato finishes, they bring us back to the BAROQUE era and the collections are completed by revisited shapes with new modern “clothes” such as DECORATI furniture, when applying the glossy finish we manually brush the furniture to give it a crystal look.

The use of a work is not enough, also its beauty is useful

O. Nlemeyer

Il tempo del… has invested a lot into people and into the research of finishes perfection and furniture details